Commit to your daily satisfaction

Building, is a city’s memory; House, is a family’s memory.

With the increase of house prices every year, yet the quality of houses in Taiwan is still the same for almost 20 years. When builders are constantly looking for a higher price, they forgot the most important part is the usage of living space and neglect the needs of customers. When customers put their life savings into real estate, the service most builders provide is even worse than buying a car. To get rid of outdated construction orientation, transform to mainstream customer orientation, “What customers want” has always been the most crucial problem MID thinks of. The relationship between buyer and seller shouldn’t be over after handover, it should be responding to the change of the era and providing sustainable services that exceed expectations. We hope that by fulfilling the commitment to every client, this satisfying story can keep passed on.


褚學忠, Chairman of Mega international Development