Surpass Generation, Innovate Together

“If you follow the majority, you will lose yourself. Only shall you not fear loneliness, keep doing what you want. ”

— Tadao Ando

MID has recruited the originals who are in the industry for more than three decades and is led by Chairman 褚. Using professional experience as the foundation, passion as fuel, and architecture as the language, MID has dug up every piece of unique civilization, feel the features and beauty of the city, with the nature of humans, MID has sparked off an epoch-making appearance of a brand-new architecture.

Although MID chose a path fewer people walked, clients can relate to our determination, which gives us faith and strength to keep going without feeling alone.

Decorate the city with architecture, explore and experience the highlights.

The building used lines and space to respond to the local culture, writing one after another touching story. MID used the building as a coordinate, drew a treasure map that only belongs to the city. Spotlight Hotel makes the travel experience extend to civilization from just checking in. Unlike general parent-child hotels, from the exterior designation to space planning, Spotlight Hotel has combined Chiayi’s special timber and railroad, making the hotel more cultural and historical, and leading the concept of “Designation Sense” into every detail of the room. Spotlight Hotel is not only just for staying, but more of a fun way to explore the city and to experience the designation.