Energy Saving And Carbon Reduction

MID pays attention to sustainable investment and management and participates in carbon reduction activities.

Natural disasters caused by extreme weather have been more frequent in 2020. Australia’s fires, China’s floods, are all the Earth’s counter back, bringing the world into a critical moment of sustainable development. The global asset management industry has actively invested in the wave of sustainable investment. According to the statistics of the Global Sustainable Investment Report, global major sustainable investment management assets have reached 30.68 trillion U.S. dollars, and their scale has grown by 34% in the past two years.

In recent years, ESG issues have been the talk of the town abroad, making investors and international corporations pay more attention to sustainable investment and operation. MID participates in carbon reduction activities imperatively, leading the construction process into the design concept of circular economy, promoting low-carbon sustainable procurement, and pushing forward the use of green buildings to build projects afterward.


MID has always advertised “ALL IN ONE SERVICE”, integrating every detail during house-buying. From development to planning, we always think twice for customers, reducing unnecessary waste of resources and construction materials so there are no worries for customers since it meets the needs of life.

Each project is planned with the goal of energy-saving and carbon reduction, using building materials with water-saving and energy-saving labels, such as faucets, toilets, shower equipment, Led indoor and outdoor lamps, gas stoves, range hoods, and more. Through designation, increase the green coverage rate of buildings, strengthen the vertical urban garden planning, and use more indigenous tree species, enhance the diversity and layering of shrubs and trees, and improve the functionality of carbon absorption and water retention. 

In addition, with the development of Internet technology, paperless green office has been a major trending. All projects of MID use the digital cloud as much as possible from the beginning of planning to sales. As for online repair after-sales, online payment, and so on, using and control with e-service through the whole process, reducing paper waste. Paperless symbolizes green and environmental protection, especially in the office field that consumes tons of paper, our team starts carbon-reducing from the foundation of corporate culture to think of every part.

We provide standard and optional equipment for customers, promote sustainable low-carbon procurement internally, establish a priority mechanism for green manufacturers to select suppliers, decoration equipment also consider the workability of duplication and recycling. Although it’s impossible to achieve carbon-free at this stage, from the promotion of our own company culture to architectural planning, our requirements start from carbon reduction, the basic and accumulate over time.